Tuesday, 13 April 2010



NS Optimum, a leading schools’ ICT supplier, has passed the stringent tests and mobilisation process to be one of the few approved suppliers for the Government’s Home Access programme.

The Home Access programme provides eligible low-income families with children in school years 3-9 in state-maintained education in England (typically aged between 7 and 14 years), and children being looked after by their local authority, with a one-off grant of up to £528 to buy a compliant computer and/or broadband internet access.
Recent evidence has suggested that having a computer at home associates with a 2 grade improvement in one subject at GCSE. This means that a pupil who would have got a D, could, with the effective use of technology at home, now get a B at GCSE.

NS Optimum is delighted to be listed as an approved supplier to the Home Access programme as it further reinforces the part they play in addressing inequalities in access to computers and the internet, and helping all people to realise their full potential.

The grants will entitle eligible families to acquire a package worth up to £528, including:
- a computer built to a pre-defined specification
- 12 months’ fixed or mobile broadband access
- spreadsheet and word processing software
- wraparound package of support, warranty and product all in a box
- internet filtering/parental controls, anti-virus and Assistive Technology software
- the Windows Live suite, including Messenger and Photo Gallery
- Microsoft Movie Maker and Microsoft Media Player
- a range of online services
- Microsoft Learning Essentials
- comprehensive hotline support and warranty for one year
- help, advice & training on getting started on the internet
- helpdesk staffed from 8am – 9pm, 7 days a week.

More information about NS Optimum can be found at www.homeaccess4.me
text HOME to 80809.
or call 01926 880300*.

For more information on eligibility and applying for a grant, go to www.homeaccess.org.uk or call 0333 200 1004** to contact the Home Access helpline directly.

Call charges:
*All calls charged at BT standard rate
** Calls may be monitored or recorded to maintain high levels of security and quality of service. Calls to this number cost no more than a call to
a 01 or 02 number and count towards inclusive minutes in the same way as 01 and 02 calls. These rules apply to calls from any type of line
including mobile, BT, other fixed line or payphone.

Notes to editors

About NS Optimum (http://www.nsoptimum.co.uk/)
NS Optimum recently received an award for Corporate Social Responsibility for their donation programme to the emerging market in the Dominican Republic. In 2007, NS Optimum began to recondition used, serviceable computers that schools and other customers decided to replace, and donated them to schools on the Caribbean island. The team continue to co-ordinate a sustained project to refurbish used computers, servers, other hardware and networking equipment for supply to the island’s schools.

About Home Access (http://www.homeaccess.org.uk)
The Home Access programme provides grants to eligible families with children in full-time education in England. The grant enables them to buy a computer and internet access to support learning from home. The programme aims to benefit more than 270,000 households that currently lack access by March 2011 and is being managed for the Government by Becta.

About Becta (
Becta is the government agency leading the national drive to ensure the effective use of technology through learning. It is Becta's ambition to use the benefits of technology to create a more exciting, rewarding and successful experience for learners of all ages and abilities, enabling them to achieve their potential.

Home Access Computers

Home Access Computers - www.homeaccess4.me

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Visit NS Optimum, a BECTa approved Home Access supplier, and get your equipment today http://www.homeaccess4.me

Alternatively you can text the word 'home' to 80809 to get a call back

or you can call the Home Access team directly on 01926 745608

Get your Home Access package today.